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PUR Snare System

The Snare System, developed by PUR, is integrated into all our Cajon’s. It allows you to switch the snare sound on and off in seconds, no tools needed. In addition by turning the star shaped handle you can influence the intensity of the snare sound. All in all this allows every Cajon player to adjust any PUR Cajon to his or her personal preferences.

Play Front

The play front is the outcome of an extensive and enduring test phase. We focus on a play front that reacts very sensitively to even the slightest hits, making long jam sessions and effortless playing possible and enjoyable.


The design of the body is the result of intensive research. It is composed of 11 layers of Birch, in total 15mm thick, veneered with either Maple or Ash, depending on the model. We discovered that this composition provides the best sound for our definition of a modern Cajon.

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